Commercial Insurance Brandon FL

Commercial Insurance Brandon, FL

A & B Insurance in Brandon, Florida, offers a wide range of business insurance policies. At A & B, we have the expertise and experience to help you improve your business success and protect your investments. A for Always, B for Best.

BOP Insurance A Business Owners Policy typically combines a set of coverage policies into one package. It can cover a range of protections including property insurance, business interruption and liability. A & B Insurance helps owners, from small to mid-size businesses to larger companies, review their options and come up with the Business Owners Policy that fits their needs.

Contractors Contractors generally need a Business Owners Policy that covers a number of needs, including workers compensation, commercial auto insurance and general liability insurance, an important tool in providing security for businesses that may need to overcome accidents or mistakes. A & B Insurance helps contractors operate with needed protection.

General Contractors The management role of general contractors delivers a greater reward when the contractor successfully helps complete a project, but the role also can translate to greater risks. A & B Insurance helps general contractors who oversee construction projects choose from a range of options to protect them from mishaps they make or that sub-contractors may make.

Professional Liability Sometimes a general liability policy doesn't provide coverage in civil litigation cases, especially for service providers and those who offer professional advice. In today's litigious society, business owners may need the added protection of professional liability insurance. A & B Insurance helps busines owners acquire the type of professional liability insurance needed to help them thrive without worry.

Cyber Insurance Data breach was a term that probably didn't exist 10 or 15 years ago, but today it represents a very real threat to companies. The costs a company can incur due to a data breach can be significant, but cyber liability insurance can mitigate those risks. A & B Insurance can help you acquire a a policy that can cover a number of damages, including the cost of notifying customers of the breach.

Auto Dealers Auto dealers need to consider a range of insurance coverage, from commercial property to garage liability to professional liability. Workers compensation and lost profit coverage also could make up a comprehensive BOP package for auto dealers. A & B Insurance uses its expertise and experience to guide auto dealers to the right type of coverage.

Garage and Auto Repair Garage and auto repair facilities need tailored coverage to enhance its commercial property insurance. It's a standard in the auto service industry to protect against any auto damage that occurs on property. A & B Insurance understands the unique needs of this industry and helps garage and auto repair facilities find policies that suit their needs.

Restaurants Restaurants need specific insurance coverage to manage employees, protect against the risk of foodborne illnesses and guard against other challenges specific to the industry. A & B Insurance tailors BOP packages for restaurants that include coverage of equipment failures, kitchen mishaps, liquor liability and other needs.

Workers Comp Workers compensation allows companies to avoid costly litigation when dealing with employees who get injured while on the job. The insurances covers wage replacement and medical benefits for the injured employee, who in return agrees not to sue the employer. Of course, the complexities of workers comp -- state regulations, legal details -- require expertise. A & B Insurance relies on its experience to help clients navigate the challenges.

Convenience Stores Convenience stores need coverage for all the attributes that make them convenient: groceries, liquor liability, money and security, gas pumps, canopies and other outdoor property. A & B Insurance helps craft BOP packages to meet the needs of convenience store owners.

Unmanned Drone Insurance Business owners who use drones for commercial purposes need to invest in unmanned drone insurance, also known as aviation liability insurance. While homeowners insurance can cover amateur use, professional use needs unique coverage. A & B Insurance can help you locate a policy to meet your needs in this evolving field.


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